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Thanks Fred!!! (Slipper Clutch)

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

A box showed up on the doorstep today, so I took it in the garage and cut it open.

The box was extremely light, so we thought maybe I’d been sent a box of styrofoam peanuts as a joke.

But no, there was paperwork tucked in on the side. Paperwork that clearly stated maybe if I dug around I would find something that would rock my socks off.

And sure enough, there was something under those peanuts, despite the fact that the box felt featherweight and threatened to float off the table at any second.

And the lettering on the red box under those peanuts explained why. It was full of Yoyodyne CBR100RR Slipper Clutch Unobtanium. Which as any seasoned racer knows is the lightest alloy substance known to Mankind.

It’s even anodized a sexy red and black. And yes, that’s a huge stack of used F1 slicks behind me.

How could you not instantly fall in love something this amazingly perfect.

Next update, I install it. Thank you so much Fred!!! You Rule!!!

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A sixth on 7/7/7 (w/photos)

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Thunderhill was a blast. We arrived on Friday afternoon and got our pit set up as things were starting to cool down in Willows. After the open track day for the motorcycles was finished we were able to get out on the track and walk the 3.2 mile course. Mike has experience at Thunderhill racing 250 GP bikes so he was able to explain the tougher parts of the track like turn 5, 9, and 11 to me and help me pick reference points and brake markers.

We got three short practice sessions in on Saturday morning and then our race was called a little before 4PM. After a fast warm up lap we gridded and it seemed like they dropped the green flag instantly. We all flew WFO into turn one and it was a sprint to the finish from there. Wade and Christine (Subculture) went out with a mechanical, as did Matt and Rhondah (Intellisense). Doug and Theo (Dawg Pound) spun off of 5 trying to go three wide up into the Cyclone on the brakes but were able to get back on (and finish behind us =D). Congrats to Frank and Dennis for taking another checkered flag! (Excalibur)
It was a good weekend of racing in front of a huge crowd despite the 100+ degree heat. Next stop is Reno, August 17th.

Thanks to Dito with and Joe from for the great photos of the weekend.