Boy Wonder goes nuts

So we’re getting ready for Road America, and Boy Wonder is getting the CSR ready. It’s a long way away from home, and we’ll be out there with limited tools and spares since we have a set amount of stuff we can load in the transporter, so he’s going extra psycho over the amount of prep on the CSR.

He’s repaced a brake line on the chair wheel caliper on the CSR. A nice new Goodridge unit thanks to Mr. Bill. It looks snazzy and fits perfectly. Brakes are flushed and ready to go.

Then for some reason Boy Wonder decided the center faring and radiator/chair wheel mount was bothering him. So he took the entire assembly apart, inspected every single component and fastener, polished it, and then powdercoated all the individual parts. He says this gives him peace of mind. I say he’s OCD. He even powdercoated the washers.

Needless to say the work goes on in the garage. He’s flushed the clutch fluid and done countless other things. You’ve already read the write-up on his re-engineering of the Translogic shifter system. Well, at least Boy Wonder is a good kind of crazy and handy with a wrench. If we get a DNF at Road America, it won’t be due to mechanical failure.


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