More Bodywork ~ Clutch Kit

Mr. Bill writes…

The fender is going ok but I am not sure I will have enough time to finish everything by Saturday / Sunday.

I am pushing forward the epoxy is the issue. I am more familiar with the one hour set time and grind to finish with polyester as to the epoxy and it’s turning out to be 24 hrs minimum before grinding……..

In the time I have been waiting four your epoxy to set I have finished all the polyester repair and changes on Mark & Bobette’s sidecar damn near ready for paint………

I hope to shoot the first primer on your main body tomorrow morning and then filler sanding and the last primer Friday / Saturday morning if all goes well…….

Just keeping you up to date.

MR. B”

So while Mike and I had planned to go down to pick up the rig on Friday it looks like we’ll have to push that back to Sunday. Luckly we both have Monday off. The good news is that this will give Mr. Bill some breathing room and he won’t have to try and rush to finish the job before we head down to pick up the rig. Mike will just have to work twice as hard to get things prepped and ready before the first race.

While Mr. Bill was reparing our old sidecar platform wheel arch he found that it was entirely made of a combination of glass-mat, mar-glass, and body filler. Another suprising discovery was that under those layers of glass-mat areas of resin had never fully cured. So he was running into a gooey nougat center that was gumming up his grinder and sander trying to get to a layer that was stable enough to build up a repair from.

The decision was made to pull a new wheel arch from his shelf that was 1/4 the weight and four times structural integrity since it was made up of true woven composites. A couple minor modifications would be required to get the wheel arch to fit, but other than that it would be a fairly simple procedure to graft the new wheel arch to the CSR.

Mr. Bill sent a photo of the progress he’s made today. Click it for a large version.

Oh, and the Kevlar clutch kit came in for the engine. Many thanks go out to our great sponsor We All Ride here in Santa Cruz for the hook up on the EBC kevlar clutck pack.


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