Bodywork Progress!

Mr. Bill writes…

Moving forward, the repairs are going slower then I expected epoxy takes about 24 hrs to kick off. But the repairs look good and itÂ’s going better then I thought structurally. As you can see, some freaky Canadian shit under the old paint.”

If I was in to tye-dye, I’d tell him to make it smooth and shoot the clear. The half-sucked jawbreaker theme was never more pronounced than it is now. A phonecall with Mr. Bill yesterday looks like we’re set to motor down this weekend with the trailer and bring the F1 back. He says the wheel arch is done except for the primer, the center cowl is mostly done, and the big massive battering ram of a body is the only remaining component with just the sanding and finishing to go. He’s installed a new front brake air scoop in the front, which is far better than the tiny one that was there before. The good news is that if I start winning races, I’ll -never- have to take on any success ballast due to the weight of this body.

Photos from Mr. Bill.


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