More Bodywork Progress!

Mr. Bill updates…

Hello Guys, What kind of weather are you having at your house?

I am doing my best to finish your body, the Epoxy work looks finished I have primed and skimmed what blemishes I can find.

Now if I could get a day without rain and 100 MPH winds I will shoot the last primer and be finished.

So cross your fingers and pray for one good day this week.


PS. I replaced the brake line to the chair”

He sent a couple photos of the progress. The body looks amazing. It’s hard to imagine this was once our battered and cracked CSR carbon/kevlar shell. It’s going to look amazing once Blanco Basura gets the new skin wrapped on it. Everybody cross their fingers for us and send positive karma towards SoCal for some warm dry days so Mr. Bill can get some quality time on his laundry list of projects (not just our stuff) wrapped up.

And our spiffy new short brake line Mr. Bill installed on the chair wheel caliper!

In the meantime since we pushed back pick up of the CSR one week Mike had a totally clean garage and a three day weekend with nothing to do. That lasted about two hours into Friday evening when he decided to pull the cover off his Ducati which has been sitting unused for about six months and tear it totally apart for a tune up and rebuild. It started out as this on Friday.

And by Monday afternoon it looked like this and was roaring out in the garage full of new tune up parts and bits. He did all the fabrication/custom work himself in the space of three days.

Hopefully he can apply himself in this fashion when the CSR is back in the garage and needs to be prepped for Willow Springs.


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