Bodywork Woes

Mr. Bill has started in on the bodywork on the CSR. It’s not looking good. He’s found out why the shell on the CSR is so heavy. Turns out it’s mostly bondo and mar glass. In the pictures he sent the CSR bodywork looks like a half-sucked jawbreaker. Mr. Bill writes…

As you can see the body has been patched together there is so much mar glass & bondo you need to remove about ¼ ” to as much as a ½’ to get to the carbon to begin the repair.

It appears that the engine cover was mar glassed on; I can make it look good when I am finished with the repair at the chair but the odds are any place I repair over the mar glass will crack again down the road.

I will do the important repairs on the cab and the passenger area down to the carbon. The rest of the small cracks I will make it look good it should be fine.”

Mr. Bill is a hero for undertaking this amount of repair work on our rig, and we’re fully confident the end product will be strong and look great on the track. Thank you Mr. Bill!

And if you want Mr. Bill to handcraft you a turnkey trophy winning F1 or F2 sidecar he’s more than happy to. His artistic skills with a welder can’t be beat. His website: Becker Motor Works

~ Sarah

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