Bent Axle

So the rear axle on the CSR is bent. I just happened to notice this when I was swapping out the tires for the last race of the season and put the axle on some glass to see if it was true. It’s a very slight bend, but enough of a bend that I’d like a new one machined out of something resembling a real alloy. I’m thinking 4140 HR steel and having them heat treated post maching but not to the point of being brittle. Here’s the existing axle reflecting on a glass tabletop, the bend is pretty obvious when viewed in this manner, it’s really only about a 64th of an inch.

Fooling around in Solidworks I came up with machining diagrams along with proper fastners and sent them over to Nichols Mfg. in Milpitas for a quote. I’m still waiting to hear back on that. Hopefully they’ll be able to turn it around in a reasonable amount of time.

Also modeling a new rear brake caliper mount that will allow me to get the caliper off the rotor without removing the rotor from the hub. Which will be great… because the rotor is held on by no less than 10 hex head bolts.

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