Yes, we were in that Jesse James TV show…

So more than a few people have commented to me that they didn’t
exactly see me in the episode of “Jesse James is a Dead
that we claimed we were in.

Understandable, I think our total screen time came out to about
ten seconds for several hours in front of all those cameras that

In comes Adobe Premiere and it’s screen capture feature to the
rescue.  I grabbed a few screenies that I’ll comment on.”

Right at the beginning, this footage… taken from my helmet
with my VHoldR camera the prior season while passengering for Sarah
Finley on the CSR Jesse James would be driving in this

That’s me on the back of #3 behind that mirrored visor
passengering for Sarah Finley for the shoot

Passing Leon on the inside of the banked hairpin

That’s my back to the camera, trademark baseball cap on
backwards, Sarah Finely at the front of the Becker F1 assisting me
in lifting the body off.

Those are my hands setting the torque wrench to 80 ft.lbs.
to set the lug nuts on the wheels.  Why they dubbed in a
ratcheting noise for the show I have no idea.

And that’s me setting the torque on aforementioned lug

I don’t even remember what I was doing here… I think I was
checking the rear caliper.  Sarah has her hand on the brake

That’s my ugly mug behind that mirrored visor.  VHoldR
loved that.  Their sponsored athlete sporting their wearable
digital video recorder right there for the world to see.

That’s us second to last at the back of the bus, start of
the first lap.  Team orders from the producers were to keep it
dialed down several notches and make sure Mr. James came in at
least up front.  It felt like I could have hopped off the
platform and jogged faster in my leathers than we were going.

Hopefully he’ll come back at some point to play with us without
the cameras and producers. We can show him how much fun you can
really have in the F1’s if you let them stretch their legs when the
helicopter parents (producers) are not around worrying you
might get hurt. You have to get them going fast to really appreciate
what they are capable of, to let them truly sing.

If anybody wants to see the full episode, Spike has it online.


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