Parts are in… And installed.

Well Mr. Bill has come through as usual.  The box showed up with the new goodies.

That would be a Sprocket Specialists 40 tooth 530 aluminum sprocket, a Goodridge 40 inch braided brake line, a Tsubaki 11k tensile strength 530 O-Ring chain, and a APE Engineering manual cam-chain adjuster for the GSXR-1000 engine in the Becker F1.

First thing I did was pop the standard hydraulic CCT out of the engine, and remove the oil line. Simple enough, a couple banjo bolts and a couple Allen head bolts, and it was out of there.

It was obvious by the wear on the teeth on the stock Suzuki CCT that it had been slipping under load. This is a known weak point in this engine. This component goes and you’ve got piston to valve contact… and you’re out a couple grand sourcing a new top end at minimum.

I dropped in the APE Engineering manual CCT and brought the engine up to operating temp. I adjusted it in till the cam chain noise went away, and gave it a 1/4 turn more and set the locknut in place. That’s it.

On then to the new sprocket, chain, and brake line, which all installed smooth as butter. A nice fat stake-rivet master link was provided, the job made easy by my Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool. Setting the tension on the chain is a snap on the Becker F1. I simply back off the locknuts on the top trailing link for the rear suspension upright, twist it till the chain tension is right, and set the locknuts back in place. This procedure on the old CSR chassis would have taken at least an hour with the conventional swingarm and concentric adjusters.

All that is left to prep the F1 for Portland is to clean the chassis top to bottom and flush both Wilwood master cylinders with fresh DOT4 brake fluid at all the caliper bleed screws.


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