A (hah) Experiment…

So the GSXR-1000 in the Becker uses a ‘washable’ BMC air filter. And, it’s dirty. The obvious solution to me is to wash it. The logical brain in my head says, “Use a power tool to do this.”

So sitting in the shop an idea strikes me. I do have a power tool for washing things in the house. It’s just upstairs in the kitchen. This will either work really well or you my faithful reader will get to have a good laugh at my expense.

I did not see a “Dishwasher Safe” tag on the BMC air filter. (shrug)

Edit: Update

Well I’ll be damned… This works. Here’s a picture of the dirty side that’s exposed to the elements. It’s spanky clean.

Edit: Addendum

Some individuals wanted to know how I did this without melting the filter and what I used in the soap trays to get the filter clean.


First off, you should make sure and turn your dry cycle off on your dishwasher unless you want to be scraping melted air filter ring rubber off the heating element of your dishwasher. Just take it out at the end of the washing/rinse cycle and let it air dry. My dishwasher lets you turn off the heat dry cycle.

Second, I didn’t have any fancy cleaning agents, so I used the regular dish washing soap powder that I clean my dishes with. It says right on the box, “cuts through tough grease leaving your dishes spotless.” Apparently it works well.


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  1. D says:

    i think you better oil it. the cotton won’t last and filtration is significantly reduced without the oil. you’re sucking crap into your engine!

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