Sponsors, once again, rule…

First shout out goes to the girls at Scorpion USA

Teri and Tricia scored us some wicked EXO-700 Burst lids with mirrored anti-fog visors that match the paint scheme on the new Becker rig. We even got custom interiors to quickly tell the lids apart in the pits when our session is called up

They look good on the track too…

Scorpion USA Rocks! They go out of their way to support us, buy their gear!


Second shout out goes to Drew at Drew’s Used Tools in Santa Cruz, our tool sponsor.

My air compressor crapped out on me, actually sucking it’s flapper valve and cracking it’s cast iron cylinder in the process. Crunched for time prepping for Round 4 of the SRA West series coming this weekend I had no time to spare hunting down a compressor. I popped over to Drew’s and he hooked me up with this.

Drew Rocks!

Drew’s Used Tools
(831) 477-2883
3022 Winkle Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Open 7 Days a Week


Lastly, a minor update to the Becker. Cindy being a little shorter in stature than my freaky arm and leg length needed a bit more boost getting out for lefts during the last couple races. So today I whipped up a kickbox extension on the left foot brace plate out of aluminum diamondplate. It gives her about 4.5 inches of extension which as we measured should be just about perfect for getting her butt off the platform and dropping the CG down a bit more in those hard lefts.

How it -should- look for lefts…

And for rights…


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