2009 ~ Time for that #1 plate!

Well, we finished 2008 with enough points to slap a big shiny #3 on the front of our brand new Becker Motor Works F1 Sidecar.  That’s nice, but it would be even nicer to swap out that #3 with a nice big #1.  We’ll see if we can make that happen for 2009.

The start of the season is just six weeks away, and we’re happy to say many of our sponsors for the last two seasons who have helped us so much in the past are right back with us again for this season.  But we could always use more help so we’re actively seeking sponsorship to assist us with the goal of becoming the Formula 1 Superside America Champions for the 2009 season.

We’d like to thank the following companies for their past and continuing support:

Repsol Motion Pro Simbin Studios
  Blanco Basura VholdR Wearable Cameras Scorpion Sports
Drews Used Tools Yoyodyne We All Ride
Eastwood Co. Helimot

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