October 5th Streets Onboard Race Video

From my VholdR Camera, Enjoy

Key moments:

~ 2:25 – Warm up lap starts
~ 5:40 – Starter puts the 2 board up and gets ready to launch us, we’re 2nd on the pole next to Rick Murray in his Formula 1 LCR with eight other very angry rigs behind us looking for a green flag
~ 6:34 – I fall out. During a left right transition the CSR fishtails violently and I find myself suddenly going down the track backwards half out of the CSR one asscheek on the ground right leg and arm catscratching at the air. I use every ounce of strength I can muster to pull myself back in with my left arm which was the only thing holding me on at that point.
~ 9:00 – I screw up my left/right transition timing in the very tricky kink before the skidpad causing the chair wheel to lift and Sarah loses her drive out of the corner. I actually reach up and pat her to let her know it was my fault and to go back WFO.
~ 14:10 – I really screw up my left/right transition timing in the kink -again- this time lifting the chair about a foot in the air. I’m pissed. This kills all of our drive around the skidpad allowing Sean who we’ve been leading the entire race to slip by us on the inside and drop us from 4th position back to 5th.
~ 14:19 – I express my displeasure towards Sean as we pass the white flag.
~ 15:35 – As we’re chasing down Sean a yellow flag is thrown and we come on Rick’s disabled LCR traveling at a very low rate of speed around the track. We bunch up behind it into the chicane. Sean sneaks by, we think we have a chance, but then Rick bobbles and we no where to go short of off road. Bye Bye 4th place.
~ 16:20 – I express my displeasure at being relegated to 5th by venting on the bodywork, Sarah shakes her head as we cross the checkers.
~ 16:40 – I congratulate Sean on his nice inside pass and 4th place finish.

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