Isle of Man TT BS

Doug Dano and Wade Boyd got their ‘refused’ letters to the IOM TT


American rider’s bitterness at TT rejection

You throw some tea off a boat a couple hundred years ago, and someone has to hold a grudge.

Doug had a entirely new FII sidecar built just for the TT over the course of the last two years from the ground up by a master chassis builder. JT Kroupa who is an experienced FI/FII passenger from the Pacific Northwest was set to go to the IOM and passenger for Doug. This was going to be vindication for an American/American team going back to the IOM and beating the Mountain Course. It would be a first.

Wade has raced solo bikes at the IOM for the last 15 years, everybody knows Wade Boyd. Why all of a sudden are the Americans being axed from the TT consistantly?

This grinds my gears.


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