New Boots! New Cables!

Two cool new things.

First, just in the nick of time Alex at Eddy Wright Parts over in the YooKay expressed Mike a pair of Frey Daytona Sidecar Passenger boots.  His Oakley boots were held together with tape after the last weekend at Willow Springs.  Alex you rule for making this happen!!!

Second, HUGE thanks goes out to Fred with Yoyodyne and Chris with Motion Pro for collaborating to get our new throttle cables and throttle assembly together and working in time for this coming race weekend.  We actually got it a day ahead of schedule!!! Custom Motion Pro adjustable push-pull cables with a adjustable cam quick-turn Yoyodyne throttle.  All made just for the CBR1000RR throttle bodies.  You couldnÂ’t ask for higher quality work from two nicer guys.

Sponsors rule.  OUR SPONSORS RULE!!!


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