New Toys thanks to Wonderful Sponsors!!!

Lots of cool stuff this week.

First off, I’d like to welcome Eastwood Co. to our Sponsorship lineup. Eastwood makes all kinds of great Automotive products and tools. Boy Wonder blows a small fortune on their products, so sponsorship will help a great deal.

They were nice enough to send us a box of powdercoating supplies, swivel hooks, C wire hangers, and misc powders that we will use writing up the restoration process of the trailer we use to haul the CSR and associated gear. Mike is well under way with this already. Thanks Eastwood!!!

This keeps Mike in the garage and busy, aka… out of the house making a mess. Thanks Eastwood!

Next our best friend Fred at Yoyodyne Titanium sent us two great products.

First a adjustable cam quick turn racing throttle assembly. And second a Engear Digital Gear Indicator with Shift light. These two products rule. I have had a big problem holding WFO in right hand turns, and blipping the throttle for downshifts with the stock CBR1000RR throttle assembly due to the amount of ’turn’ the stock throttle requires to go from 0 ~ 100% Sometimes I have to re-grip to get 100% throttle and be able to control the 8 inch wide Yokohama front slick on the CSR at the same time. This throttle assembly will really help. The gear indicator with shift light is going to be great as well. It’l help me get my gearing down around the track faster, and it has a built in shift light. Mike is fiberglassing up a custom streamlined pod for it to mount in that will be right in my line of sight up on the nosecone.

Thanks Fred! You Rock!

Last but of course not least Teri over at Scorpion USA sent us the coolest thing ever.

First for my helmet she sent me a smoked EXO-700 visor and a lepoard print KwikWick helmet liner. Mike opted for a desert camo KwikWick helmet liner and a mirrored EXO-700 visor for more of the Daft Punk look. Dig it. No more helmet confusion in the pits before going out on the track.

I love these helmets! Thanks Teri!!!


Oh, and PS… they gave out the 2007 medals last weekend =D =D =D

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