Picked up the CSR! (woo)

Mike drove down to Buttonwillow to meet Mr. Bill and pick up the CSR. He’s like a camel in that he can just get in the car and just drive endlessly non-stop for long distances without getting bored or restless. So for him the thought of a 500 mile day trip just made him shrug and say, “meh…”

I met him at Blanco Basura to discuss the design of the vinyl wrap we’d be using for this season, and this was what was waiting for me on the floor of the studio.

It’s simply goregous. Mr. Bill does amazing work. It looks like a totally new rig.

Scott and I went around the rig discussing the color scheme I had in my head and looking at the photos I had brought with me while Scott looked at the rig the way all master artists do when they’re waiting for the muse to strike them. Then suddenly we were both picking out details, tape was flying, and a battle plan started to form.

That last picture gives you a hint. But I won’t say any more. You’ll just have to check back in to see how the finished product turns out. It will be pretty spectacular.


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