Silly Season is nearly over, welcome to 2008

We’re two months out from the start of the Superside/SRA season and then the madness begins again. The first race of the season is at Willow Springs Raceway March 14th ~ 16th on the Big Track. And the first four races of the Superside/SRA season will be at Willow Springs on the Big Track. A bit repetitive, but it will allow us to get the CSR dialed in perfectly and blow the winter rust off our skills.

The CSR is currently in the hands of Mr. Bill down at Becker Motor Works getting the carbon/kevlar body repaired for the 2008 season. Soon as it is finished Mike and I will shoot down to Apple Valley, CA and pick it up. We’ll drop it off at Blanco Basura where it will get it’s 2008 vinyl wrap and sponsorship decals, and then it’s into the garage for final prep before the first race of the season.

Mike is making some changes for 2008. He’s adding a Motion Pro 1/4 turn throttle for me and new throttle cables. And we’re replacing all the bearings in the swingarms and wheels. New brake rotors are being sourced, the engine is being gone through, and all of our spares/consumables are on order.

We’re working on getting our 2007 Sponsors back on board for the 2008 season, and picking up some new Sponsors to assist us even more. Racing at this level isn’t cheap and every little bit helps. We’re working on Scorpion right now, and we’re happy to announce that SimBin has come on board to help us out. SimBin produces many great racing simulation games, and was kind enough to provide me with product keys to Race 07 so that I could get some virtual track time in on the Radical SR3 on Road America before we run there with AMA Superbike in early June.


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