Prep for Miller

Mike is busy getting the CSR ready for the GP race at Miller. A good deal of that consisted of mostly just washing the dirt and dust of Reno off the CSR. Mike put the rig up on the jack stands in the driveway and took the hose to it. Every surface was then attacked with a mix of Simple Green and detergent with what is essentially a large bottle brush. Mike then rinsed the CSR off, and then carefully air dried the entire chassis with a high velocity Toro electric leaf blower. The final step was to give everything a coat of WD-40 to chase away any remaining water and protect against corrosion.

I actually grabbed the camera and got some shots of Mike for a change, since he’s usually the one taking the photos for the blog.

Chain alignment on a F1 sidecar is tricky. Not only do you have to get the chain tension set right, but you have to take into consideration rear wheel toe in/toe out, caster, and camber. It takes Mike two levels, a degree wheel, a Motion Pro chain alignment tool, and a large 90 degree angle iron to set things up perfectly.

Think about that the next time you’re bitching about lining up two marks on either side of your motorcycle’s swingarm.


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