Attack of the Chain Tool

One of the requirements of Superside is that the primary drive chain be secured with a rivet type masterlink. Mike doesn’t like these, says it’s a PITA to make fast gearing changes, and he’s never had a problem racing solos with clip masterlinks secured with RTV silicone. But, rules are rules. Our normal chain breaker works great for use on standard streetbikes, but just won’t cut it with the monster chain required to put the power to the ground from the CBR1000RR motor to the 10 inch wide Hoosier slick behind it. So we called up Chris at Motion Pro and told him to send us the biggest chain breaker they had.

Here’s a comparison shot of what arrived in the mail.

On the left is our new chain tool with all the four stake rivet tips and other sundry attachments. On the right is our normal chain tool. You could kill someone, or a whole crowd with the Motion Pro Great Wacking Huge chain breaker. I think they machine them from actual leftover scrap from Patton tanks.

Here’s how well it stake rivets a master link, with little to no effort required with a 1/2 inch drive socket wrench.

It makes a factory looking rivet link in less than two minutes. And should you be attacked by a wild boar, it can be used to bludgeon the animal senseless without even scratching the high quality finish.
Thanks go out to Chris at Motion Pro for supplying us with such a high quality tool!

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