The Penske has arrived

Marra called from Aftershocks to let me know the Penske had arrived today…

For comparison here’s the old blown Sachs rear shock off the CSR it’s replacing. Phil took a crack at it, but said he couldn’t see an easy way of getting it apart to replace the seals. So BCR opted to go with a new unit, suspension is never money wasted in my book.

And the 100% custom fabricated hand-tooled Penske Axis shock with lots of knobs and dials that give a very satisfying ‘click’ when turned… All of which is rebuilable, rechargeable, and fully serviceable. And of course a fresh 300lb Hyperpro spring in a fetching blue.

Phil at Aftershocks was even nice enough to cut my spacers down for me so the new unit would bolt right up with no issues. Thanks Phil! And of course, since the rear shock is such a simple install, I rushed right out and dropped it on the CSR to see how it’d look.

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