MySpace Page…

Set up a MySpace page today.  What a terrible experience.  It’s not designed for anybody with any real coding or manipulation skills.  But I guess when you cater to the lowest common denominator you have to nerf the hell out of everything or you’d need a technical support center the size of Alaska.

I’ll write a bit of glue that will take the updates from this 1and1 blog interface, which I prefer to use… and inject them into the MySpace blog in a hands off fashion.  Shouldn’t be too difficult.  (Shrug)  MySpace is supposedly generating more visits and traffic than anything else out on the interweb, so it makes sense to set up an account and start trying to garner some sponsorship that way.

I hit up Barry at Staircase Tattoo.  Hopefully I’ll hear something back.  It seems that tattoo shops and sidecar teams go hand in hand from what I can tell.  I think Barry will be into it. 

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