Sarah and I went out to the Westside Proving Grounds to test the new shifter assembly and twist throttle.  The twist throttle is spot on, but the shifter assembly length will need some adjustoment and fine tuning for Sarah.  Not a big deal.  The brakes proved to be an issue, they’re spongy a bit… something that will get fixed when the parts for the Tilton finally arrive.  We couldn’t find a happy medium in brake pedal placement for Sarah’s foot.  One click on the spline back, it’s too far back… she can’t put enough pressure on the pedal to lock up the wheels.  One click forward, it’s too close… she can’t get her foot on the brake pedal without hanging up.  I’m thinking 99% of this has to do with the crappy combat boots she wears.  They have big boxy toes and fat waffle soles.  If she had a real pair of roadracing boots we could leave the brake lever forward and it’d probably fit her perfectly.  All in good time.  Next time we go testing I’m going to have her wear the thinnest shoe she has on her braking foot to see if it makes a difference.  it’s that, or I fabricate a new brake pedal.  Here’s some shots from our goofing off via Eric.


Oh, and inital tests of the asspuck show it’s placement perfect.


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