Race One ~ Fernley

 Sarah and I did fairly decent our first weekend out with the CSR.  Our goal was to simply finish a race, bring the CSR home intact, and not die in the process.  Something we managed to accomplish despite the triple-digit heat and both of us being not in the ideal physical condition.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re not lethargic couch potatos, but it turns out this sport demands a far higher level of physical conditioning than regular two-wheel motorcycle racing.  I had to lift poor Sarah from the cockpit at the end of the race on Sunday.  But we finished, 16th out of 17 rigs.  We were not last, and we didn’t DNF.  I wore a hole in the ass of my leathers from dragging my butt through left hand corners.  Helimot is repairing my suit and slapping some velcro on the left asscheek so I can throw a puck on there for ass-sliding goodness.

 We did find out that while the trigger-throttle works for Jean-Guy, it sucks for everybody else.  Two laps with the index finger trigger throttle and your hand starts to cramp up pretty bad.  Not to mention it’s pretty much impossible to modulate one inch of throttle pull with one finger and turn left at the same time.  I figured Sarah was just not used to the throttle yet when she was complaining about it being hard to use, so I took the rig out early Sunday with Wade on the platform for a few laps.  Yep, my hand cramped.

 So when we got home I pulled the assembly and with a bit of careful filing around the starter button bracket was able to slot in a BBR single cable throttle assembly that Jocelyin sold me.  They don’t come with cable slack adjusters, as those are built into the Honda 50 throttle cables, but I found that a standard double banjo brake bolt threads right in.  So in a fit of ingenuity I cut the head off the banjo bolt, slotted it to allow it to slide over the cable, and countersunk one end to allow the cable ferrule to recess snugly.  With the addition of a locknut, I had a slack adjuster.  I lubed the assembly up and hit all the fastners with RTV once everything was assembled.  Test runs so far feel good.  Won’t know till we’re on the track proper.

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